Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Happy Dueling Hour Episode 1 -- Pac Man Ate My Nanamancer

Welcome! This is our first episode of what we anticipate to be a monthly podcast with Tom (aka The Friendly Necromancer) and Bailey (aka Uber Wife). We're just trying this out for now and seeing how it goes.

Eventually we'll figure out iTunes, but for now, enjoy!

Direct download link: Right click this and save to your computer.

Links from the Show:

The Friendly Necromancer
Time Hound Times
Stormreach Sentinel
Ravenwood Radio
Herodupee (Super Hero Squad Online)
Pac Man!
Angus Unicornpants Advice

Send us your comments, suggestions, and rants to: happyduelinghour@happydueling.com
"What does 'Happy dueling' mean to you?"

Thanks everyone, and we hope you enjoy the show!

Happy Dueling!


  1. Finally! I can't wait for the next episode. Now if only Ditto would get his own podcast... Happy Dueling!

  2. OK two things

    1) Happy dueling could mean people can listen to it while they duel people/monsters.

    2)My first pac-man was at a McDonald's playplace and I remembered hearing about it so I tried it and it is awesome.

  3. Basically, that was very entertaining! Loved "Nana-man-sir."

  4. Nice job Tom and Bailey :) I was wondering if you could add Spiral Live into your show links.


  5. Lol-fest!

    "Quick-go-back-in-history..." I had to blurt that out and say, "You mean 'review'?"

    "Happy dueling" for me means play for the fun of the game, not the results (win or lose)! In other words, the concept of entertainment or enjoyment, regardless of what happens.

    Your ringtone is perfect for a kingdom of an RPG :)

    "Outlasting"-PVP: Eww, the Turtle strategy :(

    Good times @ the Nanamancer interview



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