Monday, March 12, 2012

Episode 3, By the Power of Mindcraft, Donkey Kong I CHOOSE YOU!

WOW! This is our third episode of the Happy Dueling Hour podcast with Tom (aka The Friendly Necromancer) and Bailey (aka Uber Wife). We now have an official RSS feed and can be found on iTunes! (Go leave us a good comment, would ya?)

If you don't want to be bothered with all that, definitely use the player below or click this to Direct download the podcast: Right click this and save to your computer!

Whoops! We went well over an hour this time. Sorry about that, we just had a lot to talk about. :)

Links from the show/show notes:

Online Gaming News!

The Game Which Shall Not Be Named!

- Menace of the Underdark

-Special thanks to Lessah from the (**NOTE: more adult oriented podcast**) DDO Cocktail Hour podcast for her segment.
- Music from her segment is "Revenge"(the Minecraft Creeper Song) By Try Hard Ninja (it is also available on ITunes)!
- Minecraft wiki

- Shanono's Minecraft Texas:

- Chaingang's Entertainment Lounge:

- Link to Tag Star descriptions
- Link to Ninja Pack Permanent Spell Information

Free Realms!

Super Hero Squad Online!
- The Time Hound Times

Pets vs. Monsters!


AWWWW! We're married in Rift now! CUTE!

Star Trek Online!

Console/Other Gaming!

Pokepark 2
PacMan Party
Mario Party 9
Kinect Star Wars
Apples to Apples
Angry Birds Space

Board Game/Card Game of the month!

Learn how to play the Pokemon Card Game!
- special thanks to our current Pokemon Master: Amber Deathsong aka Isreal.

Classic Game of the month!

Donkey Kong!


Here's what you need to do to enter our raffle for a Shenlong dragon pet (courtesy of KingsIsle): Leave a comment to this post and tell us what game you might like to hear more about on Happy Dueling Hour. Also be sure to leave us a way to contact you (Wizard101 Central name, email, or Twitter handle *be sure to follow us so we can DM you a code if you win*). Do that by 11:59 pm on 19 March 2012 and we'll enter into a raffle for a dragon pet!


Thanks to all those who sent us an answer to our Twitter Question! Hope you like your code for a free pack!

Pokemon mentioned:
- Pikachu
- Dragonite
- Purrloin
- Oshawott
- Squirtle (sorry we missed mentioning you Stephen!)
- Charizard
- Poliwhirl
- Mewtwo

Thanks for the cool picture of Oshawott Heather Raven!

Actors that could play Merle Ambrose:
- John Cleese
- Daniel Craig
- Ian McKellan (duh!)
- David Carradine
- William Connolly Jr
- Richard Wilson


Happy Dueling!